Roof Warranties (How They Work)

Property Owners Roofing Program:

Many  Property Owners Have a national roof management program  that utilizes Roofing Materials Manufacturer’s To assist with  the new roofs installed.

This provides for a high level of “Quality Assurance” or “Standard of Performance” necessary to meet Property Owners critical standards for new roof applications.

The manufacturer’s recommend and use “Approved, Certified Roofing Contractors” to install  the new roofs.

Manufacturer’s have deeper pockets and additional resources to get roofing projects completed with owners best interests at heart

Roof Warranties (In General)

Contractors performing re-roofing generally have a “Contractual Obligation” to provide a 2 year “Contractors Warranty” to  the manufacturer AND  the Owner as well as a 10, 15, or 20 Year “Manufacturer’s Warranty” for the completed work.

The “Manufacturer’s Warranty” is “Requested by the certified roofing contractor and paid for by the Owner as part of  the project costs.

The Roofing Contractor AND the Manufacturer provides the warranty to Property Owner for  the new roof.

Contractor’s Warranty:

Contractors are partners to and contractually obligated to the manufacturer’s for 2 years once  the new roof is completed

Contractors must be approved applicators of the manufacturer’s system.

Property Owner typically requires  a “Two Year” warranty for the new roof system installed  that covers labor and materials from  the contractor.

Even though  the installing contractor provides  the “Two Year” Warranty, The manufacturer requires that Property Owner report all roof leaks to their “Warranty Services Department”.

Manufacturer’s Warranty:

Manufacturer’s offer many types of warranties

Manufacturer’s Sell warranties (They are not “Free” which means Property Owner Pays for them)

Manufacturer’s  issue and service the warranties (When the new roof is installed by a “Certified Contractor”).

Most Manufacturer’s provide technical assistance and inspections during installation. (To protect their interest and reduce their liability.)

Manufacturer’s require  in progress inspections during the new roof installation.

All Manufacturer’s warranties require written request for service under the warranty beginning at the date the new roof is completed.

Types of Manufacturer Warranties

Material only – Usually Free-Covers manufacturing defects.

Limited Warranty – Outlines specific coverage Time and limits

Labor and Material No Dollar Limit (NDL)- Usually  a cost associated with but covers the labor that installed it as well as  the materials.

Total System Warranty – Usually a higher cost, but covers all materials provided by the manufacturer and the labor that installed it.

It Is Recommended that Property Owner buys  the “Labor and Material” NDL Type Warranty, 15, or 20 year coverage

Roofing Warranties

Manufacturer’s are obligated to make repairs to  the roof system when leaks occur for “Covered Conditions”

Covered Conditions typically Include:

  • Failing Seams of the roof system  in the field, walls, and curbs for roof top equipment.
  • Failed flashings at walls, and curbs for roof top equipment.

Roofing Warranties (Typical Exclusions)

Any materials not provided by the manufacturer or Not installed by the “Certified Roofing Contractor”.

Physical damage (Holes) caused by others or sub trades such as HVAC contractors.

HVAC Leaks – Water infiltration into  and through HVAC units, leaking overflow pans.

Water infiltration through walls.

Water infiltration through windows.

Acts of God (Storm, wind damage)

Water migration from adjoining areas.

Warranty Guidelines

Save  the warranty document for future use

Know the manufacturer

Know the warranty cost

Know the type of warranty

Know what the warranty covers

Know what the warranty excludes

Know when the warranty expires

Know what you must do (As an Owner) to maintain the warranty

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